The fountain was the centerpiece of the park and a gathering area for visitors. It was fed with water from an artesian well and the spraying of the water was said to remove iron.

Four sidewalks, pointing like a compass, led from the fountain to various spots in the park. The sidewalk pointing towards the bay led to the 208 foot Trolley Station, which housed the trolley cars that shuttled passengers to and from the park. 
the fountain - early 1900's
Clockwise around the fountain, the sidewalk to the right of the fountain led to a 2000 seat music pavillion with an orchestra shell with ornamental columns and trusses.

The sidewalk pointing away from the bay led to the Restaurant.

The last sidewalk led to an 82x82 pavillion that had a billiard room on the lower level and a dance floor on the upper level. When 'moving pictures' became popular, part of the dance hall was eventually closed and hand-cranked movie machines were installed. Eventually, the hand-cranked machines became outdated and were removed. The walls were torn down and the floor was once again opened totally for dancing.
The fountain was painstakingly restored under the loving supervision of Ranger Steve Takos. It is fully functional.

Here is a story that appeared in the July 12, 2000 edition of the City Paper about Ranger Takos and the fountain restoration.
The fountain and its restorer, Steve Takos.
North Point State Park
 "A little slice of heaven on the Chesapeake Bay"