Ferry Grove Pier was not originally a part of Bay Shore Park. Located just north of Bay Shore, Ferry Grove offered dining and dancing, moonlight bathing, boat rentals and fishing from the pier itself. 

Steamboat ferries shuttled visitors from Rock Hall to Ferry Grove and back. Charter boats from Rock Hall would also bring fisherman to Ferry Grove for a day of fishing on the Chesapeake. The charter boat crews would sometimes spend the night, taking fisherman from Ferry Grove fishing in the early morning.
Ferry Grove Pier - during extremely low tide.
In the 40's, due to the growing popularity of Ferry Grove, arrangements were made to drop passengers on the trolley to North Point off at Ferry Grove Pier. This was done without charging an additional toll.

Ferry Grove Pier can be seen from the shoreline and is accessible from the Ferry Grove trail in the Black Marsh Wildlands area. However, the pier is gated shut due to the fact that it is deteriorating and unsafe, it also is occasionally the site of nesting Least Terns, and on at least one occasion, has been a resting stop for Brown Pelicans. 

Also visble from the pier and from most of the waterfront in the park, are three submerged concrete barges from World War 1 that were sunk at the park in the early 1950's. This area is also used as a working duck blind during hunting season. It is available during hunting season on a lottery basis. Call the park or email us for more information.

Ferry Grove pier - 2000.
​Ferry Grove Pier
North Point State Park
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